MeeGenius - Online Talking Books for Kids

Meegenius is a site which features an excellent selection of interactive talking books for kids, some of which are free.

The books are beautifully illustrated with clear and simple audio, and are very reasonably priced.

If you teach young learners or have young children of your own, I would highly recommend paying this site a visit.

Meegenius - Enhanced Online Books for Kids

Russell Stannard has produced a really useful guide to the site which you can view on his Teacher Training Videos site at the link below:

Teacher Training Videos - Meegenius Children's Talking Books

With thanks to Nik Peachey also, for sharing the link on his Nik's Quick Shout blog!


  1. Your new blog is great, Sue! Thank you for all the interesting classroom ideas!

  2. Thanks, Christina!

    Glad you are enjoying it :-)